"Wally has a great understanding of the golf swing and is able to relate this to young and old alike. His wit and enthusiasm make it a joy to learn all aspects of the game of golf."
Larry Nelson
, 2 Time PGA Champion & US Open Champion

"Wally's unique visual aids make the fundamentals easy to understand, and most importantly easier to use in really improving your game.”
Scott Simpson
US Open Champion

“It has got to be simple, clear, and concise, and Wally does that as well as anybody who has ever taught the game.”
Dr. Tim Somerville
President, Professional Golfer’s Career College

I’m a sports psychologist and I deal with a lot of players out there on the PGA Tour and with a lot of amateur players as well. They are so bound up in the mechanics of the golf swing. However, what Wally is teaching you today is the simplicity of the golf swing, where you really trust the golf swing and swing without thought.”
Dr. Jim Karley
Sports Psychologist

"Wally's tapes and the methods they teach are unlike any golf videos you have ever seen. Wally's "Maximize Your Game" tape series sets the standard by which all other golf videos will be measured."
Pat Summerall
former CBS Sports Announcer

In working with Wally on my golf game, I really amazed myself. I hit some shots that I thought were never going to come down. That is great coaching and teaching... especially for those who know my game.”
Ken Blanchard
CoAuthor The One Minute Manager


“Your DVDs are truly the most comprehensive I have ever seen. I cannot tell you what a difference they have made, not only in my mechanics, but in my overall understanding of the game.”
Winston Purkiss

“After watching your DVDs and practicing with the CB Ball, I shot a 77. finally breaking 80! Wally, you’ve made me a believer!
Thomas Smith

"I would have been happy shooting bogey golf, but now I believe scratch is well within the realm of possibility.”
Tom Schecter

"My average score was around 95 before trying your Swing the Circle method. Since watching your DVDs and using the Circle Building Ball training aid, my scores have consistently gotten better – now I’m very close to breaking 80. I’ve improved a lot.”
Mike Fisher

"After watching the DVDs I was psyched. I like the section on building a routine and then taking it to the course. On a hole where I usually end up in the weeds, I hit my diver right down the middle and watched it roll past the other players tee shots! Your DVDs gave me the right mental picture to trust my swing. Thank you so much for making golf fun again.”
Greg Biscontti

"I never thought it could be this easy. I just Swing the Circle and the ball takes off right where I’m aiming every time! I love Wally’s method, it’s genius."
Tracie Phelps

"Your dvd and training aids were like a ray of sunshine blasting through a cloudy day. Suddenly, this game began to make sense. You gave me the big picture and a true feel for the correct swing. The Circle Building Ball is an amazing tool."
Frank Bernas

"You’ve taken the guesswork out of feeling the correct inside out power swing. "My SLICE IS GONE, I’ve lowered my scores by 15 shots and I’m hitting my drives 30-40 yards longer using your Swing the Circle technique – it’s amazing! Thanks Wally"
John Benelli

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  • Maximize Your Game –
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  • Swing the Circle –
    This is a recently developed 75 minute instructional DVD, taking the best of all of Wally's instruction in 50 years in golf and compiling it into a way that takes all of the mechanics out of playing golf, helps you create a routine and learn to play by feel just like the pros.
Get Wally's "Total Golf Training Package"
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Regular Price: $199.95
Plus S&P
Total Savings: $100.00!
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