Pre-Shot Routine by Wally Armstrong

"A consistent pre-shot routine is a key to creating a snes of confidence." - Wally Armstrong

The pre-shot ritual I've developed for my game is simple but effective. I begin by assessing the shot, gauging the yardage, wind conditions, and position of the pin and the obstacles around the green. Then I select the club I need and take a few seconds to visualize the flight pattern of the ball. I take one or two practice swings and then step up to ball. I set the face, align the shoulders, step into position—left foot first, then right—look at the target one last time, take a short waggle, then make the shot.

This ritual may not sound like much, but it works well for me. And I've been playing long enough that I go through this ritual without even thinking about it. It's been mentally grooved into my game.

If you don't feel that you have a consistent or effective pre-shot routine, I encourage you to develop one the next time you're on the range. Don't make it too complicated—less is more. The key is to find something that feels comfortable and creates a sense of confidence within you. If you're a rather high-strung person by nature, a short routine would be best. If you like to take your time, then create a routine that allows you time to think and to slow down the pace a bit.

Whatever ritual you choose, remain true to it before each and every shot you take, whether you're on the practice range or on the course.